Honoring our heritage

We're Rahel and Eskinder. Growing up in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, the coffee ceremony was an important part of our daily social and cultural life. When guests came home or were invited, the ceremony was almost mandatory - regardless of the time of day - they just had to bring plenty of time to share and enjoy.

Ethiopian young woman holding hand-picked cherries of Ethiopian wild coffee

from the origin

Coffee unlike other

Ethiopian coffee can be very light and citrusy, but also very big bodied and fruity. The burst of aromatics is what really distinguishes it from any other coffee you will experience.

Coffee as

Sensual Experience

The process begins with hand washing and roasting the beans golden brown. After guests fan themselves with the scent, the beans are ground and brewed in Jebena, the traditional clay coffee pot. The coffee is then served in small mocha cups. Traditionally, there are also aromatic frankincense and myrrh.

You deserve joy and excellence

Our coffee, like our country Ethiopia, is complex and rich in flavor. Every morning our coffee makes us say: “Yes, this is a good day. Bring it on.” It reminds us that in this world of uncertainty there is joy, goodness, and excellence. We hope you feel that, too.

Coffee from the origin

Roasted with ❤️ in Berlin